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  • Blog Post 14 Jan 2015  |   Vicente Garcia

    Future of New Mexico Energy: Update on the PRC hearings

    This past week has been an exciting one for Juntos and for New Mexico as groups continue to put pressure on our Public Regulations Commission to vote down the current dirty energy proposal being put forth by PNM, our state’s largest utility. The PRC hearing, slated to go until Friday of this week, started last Monday with a large rally attended by Juntos members as well as over 300 people and 34 organizations from across ...More

  • Blog Post 06 Jan 2015  |   Hannah Blatt

    Welcoming New Environmental Allies to Congress

    As the 114th Congress begins this week, let’s take a moment to celebrate the environmental allies elected over the last cycle that are joining the ranks of longtime champions and allies on Capitol Hill. LCV’s 2014 Environmental Facebook features 16 members of the U.S. House and four U.S. Senators who are committed to standing up to polluters and to protecting our environment:

    House: ...More

  • Blog Post 22 Dec 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    The Lima Accord: A Key Step on the Way to a Global Climate Deal

    In the early hours of December 14, the 20th annual climate change negotiations at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change concluded in Lima, Peru. Some 33 hours after the conference was supposed to end, a deal was unveiled that takes a historic step forward.

    This agreement represents the first time all countries (not just wealthy countries) have committed to decreasing their carbon emissions. By early March, each country is expected to put forth ...More

  • Blog Post 08 Dec 2014  |   Mark Sheridan

    Browns Canyon is One Step Closer to Permanent Protection

    Stretching along the Arkansas River in central Colorado, Browns Canyon’s 22,000 acres of picturesque landscapes and wildlife habitat have never enjoyed permanent protection. The Canyon’s mid-level elevations, ranging from 7,000 to 10,000 feet, have become an outdoor recreation Mecca and also provide a home for native plants and animals including bighorn sheep, black bears, elk, mule deer, mountain lions, trout, golden eagles and peregrine falcons. Though this land is managed mainly by the ...More

  • Blog Post 05 Dec 2014  |   Mark Sheridan

    Breathe Easy - EPA Takes Major Step to Improve Air Quality

    Add one more thing to the list of what to be thankful for this holiday season: cleaner air. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken an important step to improve public health by updating the clean air standard for ground-level ozone pollution, which causes smog. Ground-level ozone is formed when pollution from cars, factories and power plants interacts with heat and sunlight. On hot, sunny days, urban areas are most at risk for unsafe levels ...More

  • Blog Post 13 Nov 2014  |   Olivia Noble

    Congressional Champions on Historic U.S./China Climate Deal

    This week, the U.S. and China announced a game changing agreement that will significantly impact global progress on climate change. This is a big deal. For the first time ever, China has agreed to limit its global warming pollution. China committed to peak its emissions in 2030 and has pledged to get roughly 20% of its energy from clean energy, like wind and solar by that date. President Obama committed the U.S. to reducing ...More

  • Blog Post 13 Nov 2014  |   Kristin Brown

    Clean Water Is Essential To All Living Things

    Clean water is essential to all living things — the wild salmon in the rushing river, the deer next to the quiet stream, the heron above the deep blue lake.

    Water is energy, a home, a source of life. But right now, we could be heading toward an America where clean, fresh water is just a distant memory.

    For more than 40 years, the Clean Water Act has been critical to protecting our nation’s waterways. ...More

  • Blog Post 12 Nov 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    US & China Announce Game Changing Climate Commitments

    President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping made a historic announcement yesterday about their plans to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. This game changing announcement by the world’s two largest economies builds momentum for a strong global climate deal at the end of next year and marks the first time China has agreed to limit its emissions.

    LCV President Gene Karpinski praised this critical breakthrough in limiting carbon pollution and combating the challenge of ...More

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