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  • Blog Post 13 Nov 2014  |   Olivia Noble

    Congressional Champions on Historic U.S./China Climate Deal

    This week, the U.S. and China announced a game changing agreement that will significantly impact global progress on climate change. This is a big deal. For the first time ever, China has agreed to limit its global warming pollution. China committed to peak its emissions in 2030 and has pledged to get roughly 20% of its energy from clean energy, like wind and solar by that date. President Obama committed the U.S. to reducing ...More

  • Blog Post 13 Nov 2014  |   Kristin Brown

    Clean Water Is Essential To All Living Things

    Clean water is essential to all living things — the wild salmon in the rushing river, the deer next to the quiet stream, the heron above the deep blue lake.

    Water is energy, a home, a source of life. But right now, we could be heading toward an America where clean, fresh water is just a distant memory.

    For more than 40 years, the Clean Water Act has been critical to protecting our nation’s waterways. ...More

  • Blog Post 12 Nov 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    US & China Announce Game Changing Climate Commitments

    President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping made a historic announcement yesterday about their plans to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. This game changing announcement by the world’s two largest economies builds momentum for a strong global climate deal at the end of next year and marks the first time China has agreed to limit its emissions.

    LCV President Gene Karpinski praised this critical breakthrough in limiting carbon pollution and combating the challenge of ...More

  • Blog Post 15 Oct 2014  |   Andrew Seifter

    Gardner Peddles False Chamber Report to Attack Clean Power Plan

    At the Colorado Business Roundtable candidates energy forum this week, Senate candidate and Dirty Dozen member Cory Gardner (R-CO) falsely attacked the EPA’s Clean Power Plan by citing a thoroughly debunked study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    At the forum, Gardner stated: “According to IHS, a company headquartered right here in Douglas County, [the EPA’s power plant carbon pollution] regulations will increase costs to the economy by $50 billion.” Gardner was referring to a ...More

  • Blog Post 10 Oct 2014  |   Mark Sheridan

    President Obama Permanently Protects Los Angeles' Backyard

    Today President Obama used his authority under the Antiquities Act to designate the San Gabriel Mountains as a national monument. His action permanently protects nearly 350,000 acres of the Angeles National Forest, just outside of Los Angeles.

    First used by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, the Antiquities Act has been used by 16 presidents from both political parties to protect some of our most beloved natural resources and landscapes. The San Gabriel Mountains, visited by ...More

  • Blog Post 08 Oct 2014  |   Zach Drennen

    Tar Sands Project Cancellation: Another Win for the Climate

    The flawed argument that tar sands development is inevitable with or without the dangerous Keystone XL pipeline took another hit last week, as Statoil, a major Norwegian oil company, announced that it was putting a large planned tar sands project named Corner on hold. Along with other canceled oil projects, Total SA and Suncor Energy’s Joslyn mine project and Royal Dutch Shell’s Pierre River mine, that makes three major cancelled projects this year. Together, ...More

  • Blog Post 03 Oct 2014  |   Mark Sheridan

    Saying Goodbye to Flame Retardants

    For decades, the furniture in our homes, including the couches most of us sit on every day, has been loaded with toxic flame retardants. Although Congress has yet to reform our nation’s broken chemical law, the Toxic Substances Control Act, actions by states and companies and the continued push by environmental, health, labor, and other organizations has led to exciting changes that will reduce our exposure to harmful flame retardants.

    The use of flame retardants ...More

  • Blog Post 30 Sep 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    Those Calling for Action on Climate Change Are Gaining Momentum

    “We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it.”

    -Washington Governor Jay Inslee

    (Photograph of Gene Karpinski, LCV President and Tiernan Sittenfeld, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at the People’s Climate March)

    Governor Inslee’s quote rings true, and nowhere was the sting of climate change more apparent than this past week in New York City when the climate crisis took center ...More

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