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  • Blog Post 08 May 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    Climate Change Is Already Impacting Our Communities

    The National Climate Assessment was released earlier this week and it is a sobering reminder that climate change is happening and it is impacting communities all across our country. This report is a wakeup call for us to stand up and take action to combat the challenge of our generation, dangerous climate disruption. President Obama has already made clear this issue is a top priority by releasing his Climate Action Plan last June. That plan ...More

  • Blog Post 07 May 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    Congress Comments on the National Climate Assessment

    The National Climate Assessment was released earlier this week--check out our previous post here--and many of our top allies in Congress recognized the urgent need to take action on climate change. Here is a list of some of their statements, Facebook posts, and tweets.

    Senator Ed Markey: “Just as our best strategic analysts assess security risks to our country, the National Climate Assessment brings together our best scientists to understand the ...More

  • Blog Post 01 May 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    April Victories for Public Health and Clean Air

    April has brought two major victories in the courts for public health. This week, the Supreme Court upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, which will reduce harmful air pollution that blows across state lines. Also, a federal appeals court earlier this month upheld the EPA’s landmark Mercury and Air Toxics Standard for power plants. These court decisions reinforce that the EPA has the authority—and is doing its job—under the Clean Air ...More

  • Blog Post 30 Apr 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    Severe Drought in California

    California is currently facing one of the worst droughts in its history, which is leading to a shortage in water for consumers, farmers, and wildlife. This is a serious problem, and with the rainy season coming to a close there’s no sign that the situation will improve anytime soon. Scientists have long projected that California and the rest of the Southwest would face these kinds of harsh droughts more frequently because of man-made climate change, ...More

  • Blog Post 24 Apr 2014  |   Andrew Seifter

    Don’t Fall for the Kochs’ Claims on Oil Subsidies

    NextGen Climate founder Tom Steyer evidently struck a nerve the other day, when he sought to distinguish himself from the Koch Brothers by pointing out that Charles and David Koch’s priorities “line up perfectly with their pocketbooks — and that’s not true for us.”

    The Koch Brothers’ spokesman responded that Steyer’s characterization was “false and disingenuous” because “Koch opposes all mandates and subsidies, even when they exist for businesses in which we operate.” It’s a ...More

  • Blog Post 24 Apr 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    Reform that Puts The People Back in Charge

    Yesterday, Representative John Sarbanes held a press conference where he highlighted his bill, the Government by the People Act, which will help to “empower millions of everyday Americans to take back their government from big money special interests.” LCV’s Legislative Director Sara Chieffo spoke out in support of the bill, stating “The Government by the People Act seeks to re-establish what our Founders intended—a government that answers to the people, not the super wealthy few.”


  • Blog Post 22 Apr 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    Committing Ourselves to Climate Progress on Earth Day

    Every year, we spend Earth Day honoring our planet. So what better way to celebrate this special day than to double down on our efforts to tackle the climate crisis? Across the country, we are already seeing the impacts of climate disruption with more extreme weather including stronger storms, more intense wildfires, longer droughts and record breaking heat waves. One thing is clear, we need to act now to protect our planet for future generations, ...More

  • Blog Post 21 Apr 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    After 4 Years the Gulf Has Not Recovered

    Yesterday marked the four year anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which is the largest spill in our nation’s history. Yet, this disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is nowhere near cleaned-up and the wildlife is still recovering. To make matter worse, BP is planning to start drilling in the region again as their ban on purchasing new oil and gas leases was removed last month.

    The ecosystem in the ...More

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