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  • Blog Post 17 Apr 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    Court Upholds Key Limits for Power Plants’ Toxic Mercury Pollution

    The Obama Administration won an important court battle this week when a federal appeals court upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) landmark Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for power plants. The court’s decision is a huge win for public health and our environment.

    This ruling was extremely important as coal-fired power plants are the largest contributors to mercury pollution, emitting roughly 48 tons every year. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that is especially dangerous for ...More

  • Blog Post 10 Apr 2014  |   Gene Karpinski

    Important Series on the Climate Crisis

    Gene Karpinski, President of the League of Conservation Voters, wrote a new blog on Huffington Post about the upcoming Showtime documentary series, The Years of Living Dangerously, which discusses the impacts of climate change and how we can start to tackle it.

    Climate change is the challenge of our generation, but you wouldn't always know that when you turn on the television. Coverage of climate change has not kept pace with the scientific milestones and impacts ...More

  • Blog Post 04 Apr 2014  |   Vanessa Kritzer

    "Citizens United Part 2"

    The Supreme Court just made a huge decision -- one we’re dubbing “Citizens United 2.”

    On Wednesday, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to lift limits on how much money individuals can give to federal candidates every election cycle.

    This basically opens the floodgates for billionaires like the Koch brothers to send their dirty energy dollars directly to climate change-denying candidates in every single race around the country. We have to fight back now.

    With Citizens United, corporations got ...More

  • Blog Post 03 Apr 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    In TSCA Reform, We Must Put Public Health First

    You may not know it, but we’re all exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals every day. Dangerous, unregulated chemicals can be found in common products we use on a daily basis, like our carpets, couches, cleaning products, and baby products have been linked to serious health problems. But unfortunately, we can’t simply shop our way around these toxic chemicals.

    It will take action by Congress to keep consumers safe, but a draft proposal in the House, the ...More

  • Blog Post 01 Apr 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    It Is Our Future at Stake

    The science is clear, climate change is real and humans aren’t just contributing to it, they’re the driving force. As a millennial, I don’t know why some people in Washington are still debating the facts instead of working together to tackle it. Climate change is the biggest challenge we face, and it will be my generation facing the consequences of this inaction.

    I can see right outside my window how climate disruption is affecting my life ...More

  • Blog Post 25 Mar 2014  |   Kristin Brown

    The Coal Ash Spill That Hits Too Close To Home

    Avoid the water, and don’t eat the fish. That’s what many people in my home state of North Carolina are being told after over 30,000 tons of toxic coal ash spilled into the Dan River last month. This hits close to home for me, literally.

    As a child, I remember canoeing down the Dan River with my dad and sister, taking in the remarkable water and wildlife. It makes me sick that the Dirty Coal ...More

  • Blog Post 24 Mar 2014  |   Jennifer Allen

    As Cesar Chavez Film Opens, Monuments Like His Under Threat

    As audiences flock this week to 600 screens across the country to see the new movie based on Hispanic labor leader Cesar Chavez and the struggle he led for the rights of farm workers, there’s something they should know. Ironically, the U.S. House of Representatives plans on voting this same week, on Wednesday, on a bill that would gut the President’s authority under the Antiquities Act to designate national monuments like the one he designated ...More

  • Blog Post 21 Mar 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

    Raising Awareness about the Climate Crisis

    The Obama Administration launched a new website on Wednesday that compiles a wide variety of tools and data sets to help communities understand and prepare for the impacts of climate change. This is one piece of the president’s comprehensive Climate Action Plan that he announced in June that puts the local impacts of climate change front and center.

    This website,, will ensure that key government data surrounding the issue of climate change will be ...More

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