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Innocent Until Proven Deadly

13 Apr 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

Tags: Toxics

Chemicals permeate every aspect of our modern lives, from the clothing we wear and the furniture we sit on to the toys we give our children.  Over 85,000 different chemicals go into the products on the market, yet the EPA only tests a few hundred chemicals for safety.

Under the current Toxic Substances Control Act, the chemical industry can put nearly any new chemical on the market without proving its safety.  Until chemicals are proven dangerous, they are assumed to be safe –meaning thousands of potentially deadly chemicals are being manufactured and sold without testing. 

As part of a coalition of organizations and activists across the country including Safer Chemicals Health Families, the League of Conservation Voters is working to collect 100,000 signed petitions in support of the Safe Chemicals Act, requiring the EPA to identify and restrict the “worst of the worst” chemicals, upgrading testing standards, and requiring basic health and safety information on all chemicals before they enter the market.

Join us in urging Senators to hold the chemical industry accountable and protect our families from harmful toxic chemicals.

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