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It Is Our Future at Stake

01 Apr 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

Tags: Climate Change

The science is clear, climate change is real and humans aren’t just contributing to it, they’re the driving force. As a millennial, I don’t know why some people in Washington are still debating the facts instead of working together to tackle it. Climate change is the biggest challenge we face, and it will be my generation facing the consequences of this inaction.

I can see right outside my window how climate disruption is affecting my life and the lives of the people I care about. On the East Coast, I’m living through stronger storms while my family on the West Coast is facing the worst drought in its history, along with more intense wildfires and record-breaking heat waves. My hometown of Los Angeles and many other coastal cities around the country are also grappling with the inevitable fact that the sea level is rising as a consequence of climate change. 

This extreme weather is not only disrupting our daily lives; it’s also costing taxpayers billions of dollars. If Washington is truly committed to saving my generation from being saddled with debt, why are so many members of Congress ignoring what NASA, the U.S. military, and 97 percent of climate scientists are telling us about climate change? Climate change isn’t just impacting our environment, it’s hurting our nation’s bottom line. 

We can no longer afford inaction, and we have a responsibility as a nation to come together and act. It’s more important than ever that more leaders in Washington are willing to put partisan bickering aside and create commonsense solutions to tackle the climate crisis. President Obama has already taken the first steps by laying out a comprehensive Climate Action Plan, which is the most ambitious plan we’ve seen from any administration. And potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently called for my generation to start a “mass movement” to make protecting our planet and combating climate change a key political issue.

I’m committed to doing my part and making my voice heard on this important issue. But I can’t do it alone. President Obama and Hillary Clinton are right, it’s time for my generation to speak out by telling our stories and demanding action on climate change. It’s our future at stake.

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