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Kaine for Cleaner Air

05 Apr 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

Tags: Clean Air

With Virginia Senate candidate George Allen and another anti-environment state lawmakers slamming the EPA’s recently proposed clean air standards, former Governor Tim Kaine reiterated his support for tapping American innovation to produce cleaner energy. “I think virtually every American would say that any plant that we build tomorrow should be cleaner than plants that were built yesterday," Kaine said in a conference call to reporters.

Additionally, Kaine pointed out the opposing views of George Allen, saying that the Republican "ridicules any energy source that is not carbon based."

"We expect the polluter industry and their political allies to distort the impact of this new public health safeguard, but the fact is cleaning up industrial carbon pollution will not turn off the lights or hurt consumers," said Henry Symons, an organizer with the Virginia LCV, in response to the anti-EPA attacks.

Read more at Roanoke Times.

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