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Koch Fighting Kite-Flyers

13 Jun 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

Tags: Clean Energy

America’s newest economic concern isn’t debt, the Eurozone or a student loan crisis. It’s kids – specifically kite-flying kids, who are flying kites along the beaches of New Jersey in celebration of Global Wind Day. At least according to Americans for Prosperity.

The anti-environment organization backed by the Koch brothers has slammed these families for promoting the “utter lunacy” that is offshore wind energy and subverting the U.S. economy with their extremist environmental agenda. In an AFP press release, state director Steve Lonegan described the kite-flyers as part of a “very radical, globalist movement that will have damaging, long-lasting effects on America’s economy and our ability to compete.”

To counter this nefarious scheme, AFP is chartering six buses to bring in people from around the state and quash the Global Wind Day event.

New Jersey holds tremendous offshore wind potential; in 2010, the state authorized up to $100 million in subsidies for offshore wind developments, a project that AFP denounced as a “boondoggle that will have devastating consequences for our economy and jobs.” Many experts consider New Jersey’s offshore wind program to be the most well-conceived state policy initiative in the nation.

AFP’s latest move is undoubtedly ludicrous and juvenile. But with wind energy thriving after one of its best quarters ever, it might also be a desperate one.

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