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LCV a Major Force in 2012

16 Oct 2012  |   Soham Pandit

As the campaign season nears the final stretch, it’s hard to ignore the League of Conservation Voters (LCV). That’s because LCV is now “considered an important force in several Senate races,” spending heavily in crucial contests as part of its aggressive electoral strategy to elect pro-environmental candidates. But don’t take our word for it -- just read what The Washington Post’s Juliet Eilperin has to say about LCV’s remarkable impact in 2012:

With little fanfare, the League of Conservation Voters has emerged as one of the most important outside groups in several key Senate races this year.

The fact that LCV is spending heavily in several pivotal contests — including in    Virginia, Massachusetts, Montana and Connecticut — runs counter to the conventional wisdom that environmental issues rank low on voters’ priority lists. But the group has spent nearly $8 million and influenced races such as the battle for New Mexico’s open Senate seat, where Democratic Rep. Martin Heinrich is leading former GOP Rep. Heather Wilson.

“From the beginning, our thought was if we came in smart and focused in terms of our resources, we could have a really big impact,” said Navin Nayak, the group’s senior vice president for campaigns, adding that the group is targeting five House races and a few states in the presidential election.

As of now, Nayak said, LCV is the third-largest independent spender on behalf of Democratic candidates in five Senate races, behind the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee and the Majority PAC, a Super PAC.

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