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LCV Praises Allies for their Leadership on Public Health & Clean Energy

21 Nov 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

Tags: Environmental Champions

In the face of gridlock in Washington and attacks from Big Oil and corporate polluters, environmental allies in Congress are fighting back. They’re standing up to the Tea Party and working to protect public health, create jobs and help us build a clean energy future. That’s why we launched a $1 million national television ad campaign thanking five of those members of Congress for their leadership on these environmental priorities.

One of the ads thanks Senator Harry Reid (NV):

The second ad thanks Senator Brian Schatz (HI): 

The third ad thanks Senator Kay Hagan (NC):

The fourth ad thanks Representative Pete Gallego (TX-23):

The fifth ad thanks Representative Scott Peters (CA-52):

Contact these members of Congress and thank them for helping break the gridlock and make progress towards a clean energy future. 

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