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Defending Science & Clean Energy

10 Aug 2012  |   Soham Pandit

Today, League of Conservation Voters (LCV) President Gene Karpinski writes a piece in the Huffington Post that defends science from irrational attacks by climate-deniers in Congress. In this must-read blog post, Karpinski talks about the Flat Earth Five, LCV's new campaign to defeat five climate-denying House incumbents.

Karpinski: "We're seeing the effects of climate change like never before, but it's not too late to fight back. Just a few years ago, the House passed historic comprehensive energy and climate legislation. Congress must take on this challenge again -- but it will not happen if extreme, anti-science lawmakers like these are standing in the way of progress" [Read Full Article]

Also today, Gene writes in National Journal about why Congress needs to extend the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy. In a sharp rebuke of Mitt Romney’s opposition to the PTC, Gene outlines the stakes for our economy and environment:

“An end to the PTC could turn back this progress and devastate local economies [...] states that have benefitted from a boom in clean energy jobs, like Iowa and Colorado, are grappling with uncertainty over the PTC’s extension. In Colorado, where the wind industry alone supports 4,000-5,000 jobs in the state, the elimination of the PTC would be a serious economic blow as many of those jobs would be endangered.” [Read Full Article]

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