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Making streets safer while addressing climate change

30 Apr 2011  |   Mike Palamuso

Guest blog from LCV Policy & Lobbying Intern Josh Hicks:

Earlier this week, the National Complete Streets Coalition, an organization focused on making your community's streets safer for everyone to use, released a report documenting what state and local governments are doing to adopt comprehensive complete streets policies.

The goal of the National Complete Streets Coalition has been to create safer streets by allowing pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders the ability to move between streets safely without the increased risks that incomplete streets (streets that are only designed for cars) create. Did you know that complete streets policies can also help address climate change? By giving people safe travel options, we can help reduce the amount people drive, an important part of the solution since the transportation sector is the fasting growing source of carbon dioxide pollution in the U.S.

The call for complete streets has been gaining momentum in recent years. In fact, complete streets policies have nearly doubled each year for the past three years. Some of the top rated policies from state and local governments include:

  • New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Louisiana Department of Transportation
  • State of Minnesota
  • State of Connecticut
  • Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (Columbus)
  • Bloomington/Monroe County, IN Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Hennepin County, MN
  • Lee County, FL
  • Salt Lake County, UT
  • Crystal City, MO
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Missoula, MT
  • Herculaneum, MO
  • New Haven, CT
  • Tacoma, WA
To date, over 200 local governments and 23 states all together have adopted complete streets policies. To see how your community stacks up, check out the full report.

To find out more about the National Complete Streets Coalition, check out their website, which includes helpful fact sheets about the complete streets program.

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