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MBTA deems ad on Scott Brown's anti-Clean Air Act vote 'too controversial'

16 Jun 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Clean Air, General Political, Senate

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority has censored an anti-Scott Brown ad from the group, calling it “too controversial,” for Boston’s transit riders.

The ad highlights the fact that Senator Brown voted to limit the EPA’s authority to enforce the Clean Air Act, a measure that if passed would have rendered the act virtually unenforceable, while accepting nearly $2 million in campaign donations from major polluting energy companies. 

“Too controversial? Too controversial is voting to gut the Clean Air Act, for 40 years the bulwark of our environmental policy,” said Bill McKibben, founder of “Maybe the T thinks spreading that news will scare people too much–it’s sweet of them to be so protective of their riders, but Brown’s vote is the real horror.”

The banned ad was actually funded through widespread public support; hundreds of Boston area residents donated on average $40 to fund the advertisement. Local residents and have instead moved to find alternative means of getting the facts out to the public, such as using bicycles to pull billboards past heavy-traffic areas. 

Just recently, the MBTA happily featured an ad from the Family Radio doomsday group that predicted May 21, 2011 as Judgment Day, as well as another controversial ad in which a nearly nude woman promoted hard alcohol.

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