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Michigan Environmental Council: State???s aged coal plants cause 180 deaths annually

30 Jun 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Clean Air

Aged Michigan coal plants dating as far back as the late 1940’s cost the average family of four $500 dollars in annual healthcare costs and are responsible for as many as 180 premature deaths each year a report released by the Michigan Environmental Council found. 

In addition to causing premature deaths, the plants are responsible for as many as 230 hospital admissions or Emergency Room visits and 68,000 asthma attacks. Coal plants, the report explains, are the state’s largest source of particulate matter; which, when inhaled, penetrates the lungs and enters the bloodstream, causing and exacerbating a variety of health problems. 

Michigan’s toxic air pollution is not just limited to state boundaries; particulate matter from the state’s coal plants has been identified as far east as the Atlantic Ocean and as far west as Colorado.

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