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My Mother

25 Oct 2011  |   Damien Shirley

The following blog post was written by Brian Bordenick, LCV Controller:

Last week I buried my mother. Prior to last January she was healthy, exercised regularly and maintained such a healthy diet Jack LaLanne should be jealous. Unfortunately for us, in January my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Stage four and very aggressive. My mother was an intelligent, compassionate, beautiful lady who spent her days teaching computers and religion. She traveled the world, raised three kids and loved six grand children. She will be deeply missed.

In the last year I've gone to funerals for my mother, a cousin in her fifties, a forty one year old former neighbor with two kids about my kids' age, and watched a former college girlfriend fight cancer and thankfully win, at least for now.

How does this happen? While there's no clear answer, scientific studies show pollution may contribute. Maybe from the air, water or from our food.

Yet every day on TV politicians and talking heads call for a lesser or fully dismantled Environmental Protection Agency under the guise of job creation or some other delusion.

Those that choose to ignore and even cast off the effects of a polluted water supply and dirty air, and damage the ability for oversight and environmental protection, should really think twice about how the effects of pollution may affect them or someone they love.

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