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New York Times: Governor Christie Abandons a Good Idea

31 May 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Clean Air, Climate Change

A New York Times editorial released Monday points to the inconsistencies in New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie’s campaign promise for greater environmental protections, and his actual actions. During his 2009 campaign, Governor Christie’s pledged to become the state’s, “No. 1 clean energy-advocate.” The editorial argues Christie caved to Tea Party and corporate interests when he recently withdrew New Jersey’s participation in the “wildly successful,” 10-state initiative to implement a cap-and-trade emissions reduction system.

This is not the first time Christie has acted contrary to his campaign pledges to reduce carbon emissions, however. The editorial notes Christie also withdrew New Jersey from Connecticut vs. American Power, a multi-state lawsuit designed to push electric utilities to reduce greenhouse emissions. Additionally, Christie diverted $158 million in clean energy funds intended to create alternative energy investments to other state programs.

In the end, Governor Christie’s policies serve to leave New Jersey in a poor position, both environmentally and economically. While other states, particularly in the west, prepare for clean energy investment and move to implement their own versions of a cap-and-trade system, New Jersey simply remains in the past.

Read the full editorial here.

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