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NYT Editorial: Keystone Claptrap

13 Dec 2011  |   Mike Palamuso

An editorial in today's New York Times, titled "Keystone Claptrap," takes on the Republican leaders' attempts to include the dangerous Keystone XL pipeline in the unrelated payroll tax cut legislation.

The Keystone XL oil pipeline has become the House Republicans’ weapon of choice in their fight with President Obama over jobs and taxes. Mr. Obama has said he will not make a decision on the pipeline until 2013. The Republicans are insisting that he approve it now and have attached an amendment to a bill extending the payroll tax cut in hopes of forcing his hand.

. . .

In the Senate, the minority leader, Mitch McConnell, calls the Keystone XL "a shovel-ready project." He and Mr. Boehner should look again at the environmental downside and at the negative public reaction along the proposed route through sensitive terrain. They should also take a look at the job numbers. The only shovel this project is ready for is the one that will bury it for good.

Click here for more information on this attempted end run on the dirty tar sands pipeline.

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