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NYT Editorial Slams Republican Leadership Energy Policy

22 Feb 2011  |   Daniel Jacobs

A New York Times Editorial published today highlights the attempts by Republican leadership to undermine basic scientific research and stymie initiatives to produce clean energy.

Despite President Obama's pledge to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, increase clean energy standards, and reduce American dependence on foreign oil, Republican leaders have demonstrated stiff opposition to the president's progressive energy agenda.

According to the editorial:

"Yet even [President Obama's] retailored approach is sure to whip the Republicans into a fresh frenzy of opposition. They have already made clear their determination to cut off financing and otherwise undermine the Environmental Protection Agency, which plans to regulate carbon emissions from power plants and other industrial sources using its authority under the Clean Air Act.

But basic scientific research? Energy efficiency? Cleaner fuels? The House Republican budget resolution gives the back of its hand to even these worthy and unobjectionable strategies, which until now have enjoyed reliable bipartisan support."

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