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Oil Slick Returns to the Gulf of Mexico

24 Mar 2011  |   Daniel Jacobs

Barely a year after the catastrophic Gulf Coast oil spill, Louisiana's Grand Isle ??? which suffered some of the worst oil pollution during the 2010 disaster ??? has experienced another oil spill calamity.

A 30-mile oil slick was spotted along the Louisiana coast on Monday, washing ashore on the Grand Isle and threatening the region's wildlife and ecosystems.

The Houston-based company responsible for the spill, Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners, maintained that the leak resulted from a malfunctioning well cap on an underwater well that no longer produces oil. However, Anglo-Suisse stated that it was "surprised" about the leak because the well is "non-producing and has been monitored closely for the last six months." The company also claimed that only five gallons of oil had been spilt, a difficult fact to accept considering that the oil slick stretches for 30 miles.

The incident represents yet another chapter in the book of oil pollution fiascos, and sheds light on the danger posed by the estimated 27,000 abandoned oil wells spread throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

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