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Oil substance found off the coast of Louisiana, may be related to BP Deepwater Horizon Spill

09 Jun 2011  |   Emma Brown

Plaquemines Parish Billy Nungesser reported Wednesday that a large oil slick has been spotted in Breton Sound, off the coast of Venice, Louisiana. The oil was spotted by fishermen around 7 am, who then notified the Coast Guard.

The oil slick, which may be up to seven miles in length, does not appear to be new and may be left over from last year’s Deepwater Horizon accident reported Nungesser. "It appeared to look like the oil that has continued to resurface,” he explained. "It had that orange, diluted tone to it.” Nungesser added that he feared that this recent sighting was only the beginning as it is likely that the coming summer heat will raise more oil to the surface. 

Captain Ron Price—one of the fishermen who first sighted the oil, said that it was obvious right away. “Halfway to the fishing spot, I was kind of overwhelmed with petroleum vapors,” Price explained. “All of a sudden it was there—a mother load of oil was all around us. It was some of the thickest stuff I’ve seen.” 

Coast Guard investigators have been sent to area to test the slick and determine its source.

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