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Perry to Obama: Please Let Texas Keep Spewing Poisonous Pollution

27 Sep 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Clean Air, Administration, General Political, Toxics

In a letter to the President, Texas Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry called on Obama to wield his executive authority and delay EPA clean air protections.

The EPA standards, which are slated to go into effect January 1, require stricter controls on coal plant emissions of sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain, and smog-forming nitrogen oxides.  Governor Perry said he believes that new standards will “kill jobs.” The comments come on the heels of lawsuit filed last week by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to stop the standards from going into effect.

The Obama Administration responded these measures save lives. “We stand behind common sense, vital Clean Air Act protections for public health and clean air,” White House spokesman Clark Stevens said. “This rule will prevent over 34,000 premature deaths each year and ensure that American families aren’t suffering the consequences of harmful air pollution generated far from home.”

Meanwhile, Texas air remains among the worst in the nation.

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