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Preparing for Hurricane Season in a Warming World

10 Jun 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

Tags: Climate Change

Gene Karpinski, President to the League of Conservation Voters, wrote a new blog on Huffington Post about the need to combat climate change, especially after the extreme weather we saw across the country last year: 

We're already seeing signs that this year could bring more of the extreme weather we saw in 2012. Just the other week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released their yearly 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook, warning that we could see a storm season full of powerful and potentially devastating hurricanes. But there's another factor at play that could make this perilous situation even worse: climate change. Over the years, climate change has led to higher sea levels, which means that any hurricanes that make landfall could do considerably more damage than similar storms inflicted in the past.

Experts have made clear that climate change is having unprecedented effects on our weather patterns, including more powerful storms, record heat waves and droughts, and increased flooding. The scientific view on climate change is as solid as any public policy question will ever get with the National Academy of Sciences finding that nearly all climate researchers most actively publishing on this believe that humans are contributing to climate change.

Click here to read Gene’s entire blog post on the Huffington Post

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