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President Obama Prepares Government for Climate Change

29 Mar 2011  |   Daniel Jacobs

Earlier this month, the Obama administration's Council on Environmental Quality issued climate change adaptation procedures and strategies to every federal agency.

The effort enforces Presidential Executive Order 13514 (PDF), a mandate signed by President Obama in October 2009 requiring all federal agencies to set 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reductions, increase energy efficiency, reduce petroleum consumption, advance renewable energy technologies, reduce waste, conserve water, implement sustainable practices.

Most importantly, the executive order instructs each agency to prepare for climate change by:

  • Appointing a Climate Adaptation specialist
  • Establishing an Agency wide Climate Change Adaptation Policy and Mandate by June 2011
  • Participating in Climate Adaptation workshops and educating all employees throughout 2011

Implementation of these federal policies marks an important step in preparing our government, and most importantly our country, to appropriately respond to the challenging threat of a changing climate.

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