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“Public more supportive of action after learning of Exxon climate change cover up”

12 Jul 2016  |   David Willett

Tags: Climate Change

Hart Research Associates recently undertook in-depth public opinion research concerning Exxon’s efforts to defeat policies to address climate change despite the findings of its own scientists that man-made carbon emissions cause changes in the climate that have significant adverse impacts on the well-being of humans and the planet.

Among its findings was the discovery that telling the story of Exxon’s potential coverup of their own climate science helps people understand climate change in general.  The memo states “the airing of Exxon’s conduct in concealing its research while working to stop action to address climate change increases awareness of the role of human activity in causing climate change, while also increasing support for Congressional action to address climate change.”

“After learning about the Exxon cover-up, the proportion of people who believe that human activity is definitely a cause of climate change rises from 45% to 54%, while the proportion who feel that Congress definitely should take action to reduce emissions rises from 45% to 56%.”

Read more about the findings here.

Cover Photo Credit: Minale Tattersfield (Flickr)

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