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Push to Block EPA Continues

22 Apr 2011  |   Damien Shirley

Anti-environment lawmakers are continuing their push to delay the EPA's implementation of their new air quality rules, which would limit more than 80 toxic air pollutants emitted by power plants.

Reuters reports that at least one House member???Rep. Edward Whitfield (R-KY)???is planning on introducing legislation to amend the Clean Air Act and postpone the implementation of those rules. Think Progress reported yesterday that Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) also spoke out against the EPA's rules, alleging that there are no negative health effects from exposure to toxic air pollution.

It has been a little over a month since the EPA first announced their new safeguards, which are the first-ever national guidelines that regulate a number of air pollutants from power plants including mercury, arsenic, sulfur dioxide and dioxins. The EPA estimates that their standards will save as many as 17,000 lives a year by 2015 and will prevent up to 120,000 cases of

childhood asthma and 11,000 cases of acute childhood bronchitis.

You can fight back against efforts to block the EPA's new rules by submitting a public comment here.

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