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Representative Kelly Continues Support for Big Oil Handouts

05 Jul 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Congress, House

Representative Mike Kelly (R- PA) dismissed constituent concerns regarding his vote to preserve over $4 billion in subsidies to Big Oil at a Pennsylvania town hall meeting last week and declared opposition to oil subsidies the result of “class warfare,” against the wealthy, Think Progress’ Scott Keyes reports. 

Kelly, who holds over $6.25 million in stock in oil and gas companies (some of which receive these subsidies), insinuated that the working class has a “we need” mentality. When asked by a constituent why he continued to support Big Oil, while working to cut “vital services to working families,” Kelly responded:

“If you really want to understand the whole thing, I would say that, number one, we want companies to be profitable. I said earlier about the class warfare, if we’re going to start classifying, “they’re too rich, they’re too wealthy, they’re too greedy. We don’t get enough, we need more, and we need to have rich people putting more money in. We need, we need, we need, we need, we need, we need, we need.”

Oil companies reaped record profits last year; at Exxon Mobil alone, which recently assumed control of two companies that Kelly holds stock in, profits routinely increase by 50% each year.

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