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Republican Governor Calls for Rejection of Keystone XL

31 Aug 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Administration, General Environment, General Political

In a letter to the President, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman urged Obama to reject the tar sands pipeline Keystone XL because it poses “potentially detrimental effects” to the state’s Ogallala Aquifer and economy.

Heineman noted that he disagreed with the State Department’s latest assessment that a future leak from the pipeline would affect a “limited” portion of the Aquifer, a main water resource used to irrigate more than 8.5 million acres of cropland and support livestock.

“Maintaining and protecting Nebraska’s water supply is very important to me and the residents of Nebraska,” Heineman wrote. “This resource is the lifeblood of Nebraska’s agriculture industry. Cash receipts from farm marketings contribute over $17 billion to Nebraska’s economy annually. I am concerned that the proposed pipeline will potentially have detrimental effects on this valuable natural resource and Nebraska’s economy.”

Meanwhile, the anti-Keystone XL protests continue at the White House, where individuals such as leading climate scientist James Hansen and actress Daryl Hannah have joined over 600 others in peacefully getting arrested.

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