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Republican Leadership Will Urge Obama to Increase Offshore Oil Drilling

24 Feb 2011  |   Daniel Jacobs

In light of the violent Libyan protests, House Republican leadership will pressure the Obama Administration to issue more oil and gas drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico.Today, the House Natural Resources Committee announcedit will hold two hearings in March to address the impact of domestic drilling on oil prices.

Since last year's catastrophic BP oil spill, the Obama administration has refused to issue a single deepwater drilling permit.

The push for increased offshore drilling comes as economic analysts find that increasing domestic drilling in the United States will not significantly impact the actual cost of gasoline for the American consumer.In fact, an Energy Information Administration report in 2009 projected that allowing large-scale domestic drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf would only decrease gas prices by a mere three cents. A small benefit compared to the great risk offshore oil drilling poses to our coastlines, coastal economies, and wildlife, as proven by the Gulf Coast disaster last year.

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