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Retail Industry: Funding EPA's SmartWay a 'Smart Move'

27 Jun 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Administration

The EPA’s air pollution reduction initiative, SmartWay, is a “smart move,” and should continue receive government funding a joint opinion by the Retail Industry Leaders Association, Target, Best Buy, the Environmental Defense Fund, and others argued Sunday in Politico.

The program—a voluntary initiative started in 2004 that helped companies identify products and services to reduce transportation-based carbon pollution— is one of the EPA’s most successful and cost effective. 

“With a meager $1.5 million budget, the program has saved its partners $6.1 billion collectively, reduced fuel consumption by 50 million barrels of oil over the past 6 years and resulted in a reduction of harmful air pollutants — 235,000 tons of nitrogen oxides, 9,000 tons of particulate matter and 16.5 million metric tons of green house gas pollution,” the article said. 

As government appropriators seek to reduce the deficit, SmartWay is a key program that has proven its worth as a public policy initiative. More than 2,900 U.S. corporations—including the nation’s largest truck carriers and many Fortune 500 companies— continually rely on its resources.

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