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Rick Perry Calls for Moratorium on Regulations

16 Aug 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: General Political

In his first policy position of his presidential campaign, Rick Perry called for a “moratorium on all regulations,” Think Progress reports

In another appearance Perry elaborated, “We’re calling today on the president of the United States to put a moratorium on regulations across this country, because his regulations, his EPA regulations are killing jobs all across America.”

Think Progress’s Brad Johnson notes that Perry’s policy would literally end the rules of law in the U.S., essentially creating anarchy.  Johnson explains:

“Under such a moratorium, the Food and Drug Administration would stop approving new drugs and preventing human experimentation; the USDA would stop checking for food safety; the EPA would stop monitoring for poisons in drinking water; the Library of Congress would stop loaning materials to blind people; the NTSB would stop investigating airplane accidents; HHS would end Medicare payments; no more patents, copyrights, or trademarks would be issued; DHS would stop protecting chemical facilities from terrorist attacks; the Treasury would stop printing currency; financial sanctions on hostile nations like North Korea and Iran would end; and the Federal Reserve System would shut down.”

The recent declarations by Perry are even more extreme than those documented on his official campaign website, in which he advocates for a “six-month freeze on new federal regulations.”

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