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SEEC: H.R. 2584, an ‘unprecedented’ back-door attack on environment and public health protections

26 Jul 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Congress, House

The House of Representatives Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition (SEEC) in a joint statement called H.R. 2584, the FY 2012 Appropriations Bill for the Department of the Interior, Environment and related agencies, an “unprecedented back-door attack,” on environmental and public health protections, and lambasted the legislation's riders as a harmful distraction to debt-ceiling debates.

The statement explained:

“Both parties and houses of Congress should be focused on preventing a default crisis, and on creating jobs in a competitive 21st century economy. But instead, this week the House will consider H.R. 2584 - an unprecedented back-door attempt to roll back essential pollution controls and public health protections in favor of bigger profits for the country’s worst polluters. This is a low mark for the 112th Congress that has already seen the GOP majority preserve giveaways to Big Oil and advance legislation to overturn common sense energy efficiency standards, slash clean energy innovation, and carve loopholes in important environmental statutes.

H.R. 2584 would overturn 40 years of bipartisan progress protecting the clean air and water on which all Americans depend, and the lands and wildlife that Americans treasure. The American people reject the false choice between a prosperous economy and a sustainable environment, which we’ve proven can go hand in hand. SEEC calls on the Congress to reject this bill.”

The H.R. 2584, which cuts EPA funding by 18% and funding for Land & Water Resources by 80%, includes 39 anti-environmental

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