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The Comedy Stylings of Mitt Romney

19 Oct 2012  |   Soham Pandit

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) this week launched a new web video hitting Mitt Romney for making some of the most serious issues our country faces into a punch line during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. But Romney’s position is no laughing matter - if he is successful in November, Romney would be the first President to reject the scientific consensus on climate change.

“Romney may treat climate change as nothing more than punch line, but it’s no laughing matter for those families facing the threat of rising sea levels, raging wildfires and record droughts,” said Navin Nayak, LCV Senior Vice President for Campaigns.

The Los Angeles Times quoted Romney’s domestic policy advisor as saying of Romney, “He doesn't know the extent to which climate change is occurring or that human activity is causing it." In reality, the scientific views on climate change are as solid as any public policy question will ever get, with the National Academy of Sciences finding that nearly all climate researchers most actively publishing on this topic believe that humans are contributing to climate change.  

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