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The Koch Brothers Are Bad News

02 Jul 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

Tags: General Political

The New Yorker said yesterday that a major stumbling block for Congressional action on climate change is the climate change-denying Koch brothers and their Big-Oil backed group, Americans for Prosperity. They’ve been working under the radar for years, getting members of Congress to pledge that they would oppose legislation to address climate change. This just provides us with one more reason why we can’t give the Koch brothers more platforms to hype their anti-science, anti-climate agenda.

In June, LCV joined a coalition of local and national groups that oppose the sale of the Tribune Company’s media assets -- including TV stations and newspapers across the country like the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune – to the Big Oil billionaire Koch brothers. 

The Save Our News coalition is working to stop the Koch brothers from controlling some of the most respected newspapers in the country and using them as a soapbox for their anti-science, anti-environment agenda. 

Over the past year, the Tribune Company’s papers have featured editorials from climate scientists, exposés on public health threats like cancer-causing chemicals in our furniture, and important endorsements in elections that many people used as a guide when they went to the ballot box. A sale of these papers to the Koch brothers would deprive the public of critical environmental and public health information, and it would market the Koch brothers’ misinformation to an even wider audience than ever.

The Koch brothers have a history of poisoning our airwaves during elections, funding think tanks that push propaganda for climate change denial, and getting their congressional cronies to block action to protect the air we breathe and water we drink. There is no reason to expect anything less if they take over some of our most respected news sources.

Fortunately, there is still time to save our news. To date, the coalition has delivered more than 500,000 petitions opposing the sale to Koch Industries to key players at the Tribune Company. However, as the decision draws closer, we need to keep the pressure on. If you haven’t done it yet, tell the Tribune Company that it is a mistake to sell their media properties to David and Charles Koch, or any other climate change denying, anti-environmental advocates. The Koch brothers are bad news.

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