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The Most Anti-Environment House In History

15 Dec 2011  |   Mike Palamuso

Reps. Waxman (CA-30), Markey (MA-07) and Berman (CA-28) today released a new report showing that House Republican leaders have pushed through an astonishing 191 votes to weaken environmental protections.

"The House Republican assault on the environment has been reckless and relentless," said Rep. Waxman in a statement. "In bill after bill, for one industry after another, the House has been voting to roll back environmental laws and endanger public health.  The Republican anti-environment agenda is completely out-of-touch with what the American public wants."

The House of Representatives averaged more than one anti-environmental vote for every day the House was in session in 2011, according to the report. More than one in five of the legislative roll call votes taken in 2011 – 22% – were votes to undermine environmental protections.

Click here to read the full report (PDF).

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