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The Results are in: LCVEF is Granted $74,299 from CREDO

06 Aug 2014  |   Megan Maassen

Tags: Climate Change

Last month, CREDO, a business that donates a portion of their mobile, long distance, and credit card revenues to progressive nonprofits, selected the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (LCVEF) as one of three nonprofits to receive a donation at the end of July.  Compellingly, the size of CREDO’s donation depended on the number of votes LCVEF tallied in the month-long poll of CREDO members.  As it turns out, LCVEF received a whole lot of votes, enough votes to raise us $74,299. 

For those of you who voted for LCVEF, we owe you many, many thanks; we are endlessly encouraged by your engagement and support.  In fact, of the 21 nonprofit organizations funded by CREDO this year, you earned us the fifth highest donation – this is no small feat. 

We are also grateful to CREDO, a business born out of the desire to make social change, a business whose donation will help LCVEF act on climate change, a business we believe in.  CREDO is tirelessly dedicated to the environment.  For years they have had a real impact on conservation from small town measures to legislation in Congress.  In 2010, they helped defeat Proposition 23 on the California ballot, a proposition that would have suspended a California State Law designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  CREDO continues to fight the Keystone XL pipeline, mobilizing their 2 million activists to make phone calls, sign petitions, write letters, and attend rallies.  And now they are part of the effort to support the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to finally regulate carbon pollution from power plants. 

We are proud that, among many impressive nonprofits, CREDO selected LCVEF, and we are flattered to be in the company of the many influential organizations fighting to better this place we all live.

Thanks LCVEF supporters.  Thanks CREDO members.  Thanks CREDO. 

(Photograph came from the flikr account Jenene Chesbrough)

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