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TransCanada Inflates Job Estimates for Keystone XL Pipeline

18 Aug 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: General Political

The job estimates stemming from the building of the tar sands pipeline Keystone XL have been “grossly exaggerated, “the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) has found.

A review of TransCanada’s—the company seeking to build Keystone XL—job claims since 2008 has revealed inconsistent reports on job creation estimates. “Since 2008, there has been a clear upward trend in TransCanada’s jobs claims for Keystone XL,” writes NWF’s Ryan Salmon. In 2008, TransCanada estimated that the building of the pipeline would create roughly 3,500 – 4, 200 jobs. Two years later, TransCanada released a statement stating that the pipeline would create 13,000 construction jobs and 118,000 spin-off jobs. By 2011, the company issued a statement claiming that 20,000 jobs would be created.

Why such discrepancies?  Salmon points out that over the years, TransCanada’s jobs analysis has become more and more exaggerated.  In one report for example,  TransCanada argues the Pipeline would create 22,582 retail trade jobs. Additionally, he continues, there’s no guarantee in the report that the jobs created  will be American—TransCanada was recently faulted after defect steel made in India caused infrastructure problems with the Keystone pipeline. 

If the nation cannot trust TransCanada to be honest about job creation, Salmon asks, how can we trust them to build a risky pipeline?

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