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Unindustrialized Nations Vow to Implement Clean Energy Resources

23 Mar 2011  |   Daniel Jacobs

Yesterday, the United Nations unveiled voluntary pledges from individual unindustrialized nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work to deter climate change.

  • Mongolia stated it will build solar power plants in the Gobi Desert and provide its nomadic herders with portable wind turbines to produce electricity.
  • Bhutan claimed it would never emit more carbon than its immense forests could sequester.
  • Costa Rica seeks to become entirely carbon neutral.
  • The Ivory Coast released a plan to utilize more hydropower, renewable energy, and strengthen its national forest management.
  • Ethiopia outlined 75 new projects including rail lines powered by renewable energy.

These commitments underscore the existing cooperation and commitment in the international community ??? from both wealthy and impoverished countries ??? to protect our environment and ensure the well being of all Earth's inhabitants.

The pledges from unindustrialized nations come after last November's Cancun climate summit, where an international committee planned a "Green Climate Fund" to provide underdeveloped countries with billions of dollars to reduce internal emissions and adequately prepare individual populations for the threats posed by climate change.

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