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U.S. Appeals Court Reaffirms Climate Science

26 Jun 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

Tags: Clean Air, Climate Change, General Political

Today, the federal appeals court unanimously ruled in favor of clean air protections in four major cases, marking a resounding victory for the EPA’s efforts to protect public health and stop unabated climate change.

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said there is “substantial scientific evidence” that climate change threatens public health, determining that extreme weather, changes in air quality and increased temperatures are likely to have adverse health effects.

The court also ruled in favor of Clean Car Standards, which establish cost-saving fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions standards for passenger cars and light trucks. These vital, common sense standards limit America’s dependence on oil while curbing dangerous carbon pollution.

Finally, the Court upheld carbon pollution limits that focus on new, large industrial polluters while shielding smaller emitters, promoting cost-effective and efficient pollution control. 

It’s time to stop denying science and acknowledge that the threat of climate change is real. By acknowledging the dangers posed by climate pollution to human health and welfare, the Court reaffirmed the overwhelming body of science on climate change and dealt a devastating blow to the climate change denier movement. These historic clean air standards will protect vulnerable populations from air pollution while enhancing America’s transition to a clean energy economy.

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