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Waxman Finds Climate Disconnect

11 Jul 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

Tags: General Environment

Rep. Waxman released a climate change report Monday finding a “climate disconnect” between soaring temperatures and congressional voting records. With over 30k record high temps in US in 2012, climate change deniers continue to reject the science and cast anti-climate votes.

Experts have made clear that climate change is having unprecedented effects on our weather patterns, including more powerful storms, record heat waves and droughts, and increased flooding. However, despite the reams of scientific research, there are still many members of Congress who do not acknowledge that humans are contributing to climate change. 

Waxman’s report also includes an interactive map that provides record temperature information for each congressional district in the country and the climate voting record of the member representing the district. Check out the map here, and see if your Congressman voted for action on climate in the wake of 2012’s extreme weather events. 

This report reminds us of the severity of climate change. Unfortunately, there are far too many members of Congress who continue to deny basic science of climate change. We must hold these climate change deniers accountable for their anti-science votes and attempts to slow climate action.

With extreme weather becoming increasingly intense, it's now more important than ever that we support the members of Congress who vote for climate action, and urge climate deniers to connect the dots between extreme weather events and climate change.  

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