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Why We Need Chemical Policy Reform Now

01 Aug 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

Tags: General Environment

Our nation’s primary chemical law is in need of a serious makeover. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee this week held a hearing to discuss reforming the law –the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) – to get thousands of currently unregulated toxic chemicals (like Bisphenol A, formaldehyde, and flame retardants) out of the products we use every day. Toxic flame-retardants are even common in household furniture, electronics, and baby products. It's long past time for Congress to act. Here’s why the time is right for reform:

Under our current outdated chemical law, the EPA’s ability to safeguard public health from toxic chemicals is severely limited. In the case of harmful chemicals, what you don’t know can hurt you.

It’s time our laws catch up to the science. Toxic chemicals have been linked to growing incidences of health problems, including childhood cancers, infertility, and learning disabilities. No wonder the Government Accountability Office said TSCA was “high risk” back in 2009.

There is growing momentum to fix this outdated law, with parents, public health organizations, health professionals, environmental organizations, religious groups, labor organizations, and even businesses joining together to call for reform.  A poll by Republican firm Publican Opinion Strategies found that 77% of Americans support TSCA reform legislation.

The TSCA puts the health of millions of Americans at risk every day. Isn’t time to reform this badly broken bill?  

(Spray Bottle image courtesy of judith511’s Flickr page)

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