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Wind Energy and Why It Is Important

12 Dec 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

Tags: Clean Energy

Increasing America’s production of clean, renewable energy should be common sense, but there are many groups backed by corporate polluters who are trying to kill wind energy tax credits. These tax credits help our nation move away from dirty fossil fuels that worsen the climate crisis, pollute the environment, and harm our health. They also grow our clean energy economy, and create good-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced. 

There are two key tax credits designated to help incentivize investment in wind energy: the production tax credit, which has driven growth in onshore wind energy, and the investment tax credit, which is necessary to jump-start the burgeoning offshore wind industry.  These tax credits help clean energy companies compete against the oil, gas, and coal industries, which have been heavily subsidized for nearly a century.

Unfortunately, both of these critical clean energy incentives are set to expire at the end of this year. Click here to learn more about why tax credits for wind energy should be extended and the how failing to renew these credits unfairly advantages fossil fuels. 

(Photograph taken by Nuon)

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