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Wrecking Wind

10 May 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

Tags: Clean Energy

Clean energy opponents aren’t satisfied with handing outsized subsidies to dirty energy companies and giving polluters free rein any more.  Now they’re trying to build fake grassroots activism to wreck havoc on the wind industry.

In a confidential strategy memo unearthed by the Guardian UK, self-styled “wind warriors” have planned to use “subversion” to create the appearance of a grass-roots movement against wind power. The ideas included teaching anti-wind curriculum in schools and creating “dummy” businesses to buy billboard messaging. The memo also suggested:

  • Youth Outreach will create program for public school coordination as well as college coordination. This will include community activity and participation with sponsorships for science fairs, school activity etc. with preset parameters that cause students to steer away from wind because they discover it doesn’t meet the criteria we set up (poster contest, essays etc).
  • Setup a dummy business that will go into communities considering wind development, proposing to build 400 foot billboards.
  • Create a “think-tank” subgroup to produce and disseminate white paper reports and scientific quotes and papers that back-up the message.
  • Employ a well-known spokesman with star credibility. (Find one to volunteer?)
  • Create counter-intelligence branch (responsible for communicating current industry tactics and strategies as feedback to this organization)
  • Write expose book on the industry, showing government waste, harm to communities and other negative impacts on people and the environment.
  • A team investigates links to any organization supporting wind in order to expose that support.

Read more about the manipulative tactics of anti-wind groups at Think Progress.

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