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Congressional Clean Energy Opponents Use Solyndra to Push Pro-Polluter Agenda

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September 20, 2011  

That House Republican leadership is using the isolated example of Solyndra to argue against clean energy investments that create American jobs and help our nation compete in a global economy should come as no surprise. A closer look at the voting records of Energy & Commerce committee members who continue to attack efforts to build a clean energy economy in the wake of Solyndra’s downfall shows:

• Since 2007, the 14 Republican members of the committee plus special guest Mike Pompeo voted against clean energy 196 times out of a possible combined 215 vote

• During that same period these same members supported taxpayer handouts to Big Oil 122 times out of a possible combined 122 votes

• The 14 Republican members of the committee and Rep. Pompeo have in total accepted $11,184,096 from dirty energy interests  [Center for Responsive Politics via ThinkProgress, 9/14/11 (]

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