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LCV Education Fund Presents Oregon League of Conservation Voters with the John Hunting Winning for the Environment Award

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June 26, 2015  

Washington, D.C. – The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Education Fund presented the John Hunting Winning for the Environment Award to the Oregon League of Conservation Voters during LCV Education Fund’s annual Capital Dinner this week.   This award was created to honor LCV Honorary Board Member John Hunting’s legacy of service and expertise to the conservation voters movement and to recognize the growing power of state LCVs.  Oregon LCV received the award for their groundbreaking policy win in the state legislature—the Clean Fuels Program—which will reduce carbon pollution and improve Oregon’s air quality.

“It’s an honor to present the Oregon League of Conservation Voters with this award for their cutting edge work on Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program,” said LCV Education Fund President Gene Karpinski. “The Oregon League of Conservation Voters played an absolutely critical role in helping pass the Clean Fuels Program legislation, and in doing so, they’ve moved the climate fight forward for both Oregon and our country.”

“We are immensely proud to have helped Oregon become the second state in the country to implement a Clean Fuels Program, and we’re deeply honored to receive this award.  With the Clean Fuels Program in place, Oregonians will enjoy more fuel options, cleaner air and will save $1.6 billion in fuel costs,” said Oregon League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Doug Moore. “Going forward, we’re excited to continue collaborating with our state leaders to make meaningful policy changes that tackle climate change and keep Oregon among the best places to call home.” 

The Clean Fuels Program is forward-thinking legislation.  It mandates a 10% reduction of carbon content in fuels over the next ten years and will reduce unhealthy air pollution, lower fuel costs for Oregonians, and create more than 29,000 jobs.  Oregon LCV played an instrumental role in passing this legislation.  By mobilizing public support that demonstrated the immense popularity of climate solutions, Oregon LCV outmaneuvered Big Oil’s $2 million campaign opposing the Clean Fuel Program.  

As the second state to implement a Clean Fuels Program, Oregon is leading the nation’s momentum on climate policy, demonstrating that smart organizing can lead to meaningful climate policy outcomes and climate solutions, especially at the state level.


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