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LCV FACT CHECK: Perry Goes Against 97% of Scientists, Challenges Settled Climate Science

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September 7, 2011  

In tonight’s NBC News/POLITICO presidential debate, Rick Perry wrongly stated that the science is not settled on climate change. LCV released the following fact check in response:

QUOTE: “The science is not settled on this.”

FACT: 97% of climate scientists agree that humans play a role in causing global warming. [CNN, 1/19/09]

After a five year investigation requested by Congress, the National Academy of Sciences confirmed in 2010 that “Climate change is occurring, is very likely caused primarily by human activities, and poses significant risks to humans and the environment."  [LA Times, 5/20/10; National Academy of Sciences, 2010-11]

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which includes the input of thousands of scientists, from 130 countries ruled in 2007 that the existence of global warming was unequivocal and that the likelihood that global warming was caused by humans was greater than 90%.  [New York Times, 6/2/07]

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