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LCV Launches Six Figure TV Ad Buy Showing Rep. Costa’s Votes in Washington Will Cost Californians

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November 7, 2011  

CALIFORNIA – Today, the League of Conservation Voters launched a new television ad in California’s 20th district highlighting Representative Jim Costa’s recent record in Washington of putting corporate polluters ahead of public health. The television ad will run on broadcast and cable in the Fresno media market.

"Voting in favor of exorbitant tax breaks for Big Oil and against public health protections for California families doesn’t add up to much for Congressman Costa’s constituents. Instead it costs them their hard earned money and threatens the air their children breathe," said Gene Karpinski, LCV President. "It’s past time that Congressman Costa started voting to protect public health, instead of polluters."

The TV ad points out that Rep. Costa has repeatedly voted against protecting the environment and public health, this year supporting efforts to weaken the Clean Air Act and prevent the EPA from addressing dangerous air pollution like mercury, smog and carbon pollution. [HR910, House Vote 249, 4/7/11; HR1, House Vote 96, 2/18/11; HR2250, House Vote 791, 10/13/11; HR2681, House Vote 764, 10/6/11; HR2401, House Vote 741, 9/23/11] With almost weekly votes to block public health protections occurring in the U.S. House, including likely upcoming votes on bills which would block pollution safeguards from new power plants and indefinitely delay new protections, the ad urges Rep. Costa’s constituents to contact the Congressman to tell him to stop voting with polluters.

The five biggest oil companies have made over $100 billion in profits so far in 2011, and the oil and gas industry receives $4 billion in tax breaks annually.[Center for American Progress, 7/29/11; CNN, 4/29/11] Yet Rep. Costa has voted three times this year to protect taxpayer handouts for Big Oil. [HR1, House Vote 109, 2/18/11; HJRes44, House Vote 153, 3/1/11; HRes245, House Vote 293, 5/5/11]

While voting again and again in support of the pro-polluter agenda in the U.S. House and voting to maintain unnecessary tax breaks for the oil industry, Rep. Costa has received $163,700 in campaign contributions from oil and gas companies over the course of his career.  [Center for Responsive Politics]

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