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LCV, OFA & SHFT Video Unveils Secret Weapon to Challenge Climate Change Deniers in Congress

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October 10, 2013  

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – League of Conservation Voters, Organizing for Action and SHFT have released a new online video unveiling a secret weapon in the effort to challenge Congressional climate change deniers - their kids.    

With children as the heroes, actor and co-founder of SHFT Adrian Grenier narrates “Science Fair Nightmare” as it follows a climate change-denying Congressman and his daughter as they go to her 4th grade science fair. Surrounded by exhibits that demonstrate the science behind climate change, our Congressman becomes unhinged, confronts several kids and is eventually thrown out. At the urging and with the support of his daughter, he decides to change from climate change denier to climate hero.  The video also features Dr. Joshua Willis, a climate scientist for NASA.

“The science is in: 97% of climate scientists concur that climate change is real, yet astonishingly there are over one hundred climate change deniers in Congress today,” said Peter Glatzer, co-founder of “What we're seeing is the overwhelming majority of young people have grave concerns about climate change and its impact on their world."

“Our secret weapon is the kids,” said Gene Karpinski, President of League of Conservation Voters. “If anyone can persuade these Members of Congress to change their minds, it’s their kids and grandkids.  That’s why they are the stars of this redemptive video. They’re the ones who will pay the price tomorrow for inaction on climate change today.”

While the video is satire, there are real-world examples to draw from.  Former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis attributed his transformation on climate change to encouragement from his son.  Retired Republican Senator John Warner said that his late-career commitment to climate change was in part due to concern for his children and grandchildren.    

More broadly climate change deniers should be concerned about the growing generational divide.  Young people overwhelmingly accept the science of climate change and are concerned for how it will affect their lives. A bipartisan poll of young voters (under 35) this summer showed that across the board young people see climate change deniers as disconnected from their concerns. 

"Climate change deniers in Congress are not just out of step with science, but out of step with the American people--especially young people,” said Ivan Frishberg, Organizing For Action Climate Campaign Manager. “The extreme and dangerous positions of these deniers undermines not only our ability address the serious threats posed by climate change, but even our ability to have a reasonable discussion. It's a disservice to our country and a disservice to our kids."

This summer, conservationists and progressives started taking on climate change deniers in a big way.  In one example, in August hundreds of LCV members joined thousands of Organizing for Action members nationwide for a day of action delivering unicorn statues to congressional climate change deniers at over 150 events in one day.   


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