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LCV Presents: Facts Scott Brown Doesn't Like and Won't Acknowledge

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August 3, 2012  

WASHINGTON – A new article in today’s Boston Globe highlighting Scott Brown’s horrible energy policy manages to grow the list of inconvenient facts the Senator pretends don’t exist. With a record like his, it’s no wonder Scott Brown doesn’t take responsibility for his votes or acknowledge the facts.

“Scott Brown once tried to move Fenway Park, so it’s not surprising that he’s off base on his own environmental record,” said Navin Nayak, LCV Senior Vice President for Campaigns.

Fact Scott Brown Doesn’t Like: He accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Oil while voting to continue their special tax breaks.

- Brown told the Globe “I don’t believe” the more than $280,000 thousand he’s taken from corporate polluters and Big Oil impacts his votes. His record says otherwise: He’s repeatedly voted against repealing billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded subsidies to the nation’s most profitable oil companies.

Fact Scott Brown Doesn’t Like: With a feeble 22%, he has far and away the worst lifetime ranking of any member of Massachusetts’ Congressional delegation on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

- LCV’s scorecard is a non-partisan, nationally accepted yardstick used to rate members of Congress on environmental and clean energy issues, but Brown won’t take responsibility for his record. Instead, he took issue with the refs, telling the Globe “I don’t really put too much credence into their rating system.”

Fact Scott Brown Doesn’t Like: He can only blame himself for his horrible record on environmental issues.

-When asked about his record by the Globe, Brown “blamed politics” instead of himself. He told the Globe, “I’ll let my record speak for itself” – and what a record it is. He’s repeatedly voted to give billions in taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil, gut the Clean Air Act, and pull funding from renewable energy projects.

Fact Scott Brown Doesn’t Like: Big Oil is raking in billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded handouts, and he’s helping keep it that way.

- At a recent campaign event in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Brown falsely claimed that “oil companies don’t get subsidies” and are only “able to take deductions like every other business.” In reality, nonpartisan committees, experts in the field and even members of his own party recognize that oil companies are receiving billions of dollars every year in special tax breaks– which Brown has voted to preserve.

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