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LCV Responds to Senator Brown Complaints on Newly Launched TV Ad

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October 27, 2011  

MASSACHUSETTS -- In response to a newly launched LCV TV ad, Senator Scott Brown claims he's really a good environmentalist and that he wants to end special tax breaks for oil companies.

LCV Senior Vice President of Campaigns Navin Nayak released the following response:

"We're pleased that Senator Brown didn't dispute any of the facts in our ad:

  • He has a zero on LCV's Scorecard since being in Washington
  • He has repeatedly voted to protect special tax breaks for oil companies
  • He has repeatedly voted against public health protections

Senator Brown can complain about our Scorecard, but his constituents in Massachusetts would be surprised to hear that while Senator Brown scored a zero in 2010, sixteen Republican Senators supported the environment more often than Senator Brown, including notoriously anti-environmental Senators like Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn.

And as far as his commitment to ending tax breaks for oil companies, there are at least two bills pending, such as the Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act and the Emergency Deficit Reduction Act, which would end taxpayer handouts to oil companies, and neither of them is co-sponsored by Senator Brown."

LCV is currently running a TV ad in the Boston media market that urges Senator Brown’s constituents to contact the Senator to tell him to vote the right way on this critical issue.

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