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LCV’s Week of Holding Climate Change Deniers Accountable

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August 16, 2013  

Ad campaign and local events call out climate change deniers nationwide 

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) worked tirelessly this week to hold members of Congress accountable for their denial of climate change and their extreme anti-science views. LCV launched a $2 million nationwide television ad campaign calling out some of the biggest climate change deniers in Congress, and hundreds of LCV members participated in 16 events across ten states as part of the nationwide Day of Action.

“It’s no longer acceptable to be a member of Congress and deny basic science. We’re changing the terms of the climate change debate and sending a clear message to the climate change deniers in Washington,” said Jeff Gohringer, National Press Secretary for the League of Conservation Voters.  

LCV launched a nearly $2 million nationwide television ad campaign holding members of Congress accountable for their denial of climate change and extreme voting records. The ads, which target Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Coffman, Rep. Benishek, and Rep. Davis, began running this week across their districts. 

This ad campaign follows the release of bipartisan polling  by LCV showing that young voters across the country are particularly concerned about climate change and support federal action to address it. A solid majority in the poll said they are willing to hold accountable those who ignore the problem, going so far as to describe climate change deniers as “ignorant” and “out-of-touch.”

On Tuesday, 255 LCV members from across the country joined with thousands of Organizing for America (OFA) members to confront climate deniers in their districts. LCV state leagues hosted 16 events in Texas, Colorado, Alabama, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, California and Pennsylvania, presenting climate change denying member of Congress with a denier award and calling out their extreme views. 

Their extreme positions of these climate change deniers put them at odds with their own constituents. The scientific views on climate change are as solid as any public policy question will ever get. According to NASA, 97 percent of scientists agree that human activity is contributing to climate change, and that extreme weather is increasing due to climate change. 

The Washington Post this week covered the launch of LCV’s long-term campaign to hold climate change deniers accountable and raise the profile of climate across the country. LCV is committed to working at the state and national level in the months ahead to hold anti-science politicians accountable. 

Members of Congress targeted in LCV’s ad campaign have some of the worst lifetime scores on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard. Sen. Johnson’s voting record has earned him an abysmal 4% lifetime score, Rep. Coffman has earned a 6% lifetime score, and Rep. Benishek has earned a 6% lifetime score.  To find out where your members of Congress stand on the non-partisan scorecard, a nationally accepted yardstick used to rate members of Congress on environmental and clean energy issues, visit


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