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McMahon Raises New Questions: What Does She Actually Believe?

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October 10, 2012  

WASHINGTON – In rushing to attack the League of Conservation Voters ahead of their announcement yesterday that they have named Linda McMahon to their “Dirty Dozen” program, her campaign raised serious questions about McMahon’s actual positions on the environment. Maybe McMahon’s campaign is still frustrated that LCV endorsed Chris Shays in the Republican Senate primary earlier this year.

McMahon On Global Warming in 2010: Doubted “The Science Behind Climate Change”

In 2010 McMahon said, “I think the science behind climate change is evolving and has yet to be totally confirmed for me."

-          Yesterday: Pushed for Action on Climate Change

McMahon pushed Murphy for more action on the issue of climate change.

McMahon On Mercury Pollution Months Ago: Called Safeguards a “Job-Killing Regulation”

Just a few short months ago, McMahon attacked Murphy for voting to maintain safeguards against mercury pollution from cement plants, calling it an example of a “job-killing regulation.”

-          Yesterday: Pushed for More Action on Mercury Safeguards

   McMahon accused Murphy of not doing enough on the issue of mercury pollution.

McMahon’s Proposals On Environmental Issues: Eliminate the EPA, More Tax Breaks for Big Oil

McMahon proposed eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency and has a tax plan that would give billions of dollars in new tax breaks to the five biggest oil companies.

-          Yesterday: “Extremely Strange” She’s on the Dirty Dozen

   McMahon said yesterday that it was “extremely strange” LCV added her to the Dirty Dozen, but it’s clear that the only reason she hasn’t yet cast an anti-environmental vote is because the voters of Connecticut rejected her last Senate bid.

Now, the question remains: What does McMahon actually believe? Unlike McMahon, Chris Murphy has been elected to Congress and has taken positions that have protected the environment. In fact, Murphy’s votes have earned him an impressive 98% lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

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